Pellet Therapy

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Pellet Therapy

Pellet therapy is an innovative and safe method of restoring your hormone levels using bioidentical hormones. Board-certified physician Corey Howard, MD, offers Howard Health and Wellness patients personalized pellet therapy to rejuvenate energy, libido, mood, and general wellness. Phone the Naples, Florida, office or set up your appointment using the online scheduler now.

Pellet Therapy Q & A

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What is pellet therapy?

Pellet therapy is the placement of tiny rice-sized pellets under your skin. The pellets release a specific, measured quantity of hormones over time. Testosterone, estradiol (a type of estrogen), and progesterone are all commonly used for this type of therapy. 

Pellet therapy mimics your body’s hormone release methods, essentially taking over the job when you no longer make the optimal amount of hormones due to aging. It’s an effective treatment option for both men and women who experience low hormone levels.

Howard Health and Wellness offers bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, which uses pellets made from natural (plant) sources. The nation’s foremost compounding pharmacies, including AnazaoHealth and Wells Pharmacy, create pellets according to your body’s needs.

What can pellet therapy do for me?

Pellet therapy can ease the symptoms that happen during menopause (in women) and andropause (in men). Symptoms of hormone loss may start as early as your 30s and can get much worse over time.

Common problems include reduced libido, mood swings, low energy, and weight gain, among many others. But, pellet therapy restores normal hormone balance, leading to improvements like: 

  • Higher sex drive
  • Improved sexual performance
  • Increased energy and stamina
  • Faster weight loss
  • Improved mood 
  • Better focus, concentration, and memory‚Äč

In addition, numerous studies show that hormone loss (particularly in women) can lead to brittle bones and possible osteoporosis. But, by restoring your hormone levels, you can stop the damage and help reduce your risk of common problems like bone fractures. 

How does pellet therapy work? 

First, you have a detailed evaluation, including baseline testing, medical history, and symptom review. The testing helps the team determine the ideal hormone replacement method. For many people, it’s pellet therapy.

Your pellets are custom-made in the compounding pharmacy. Many patients need a blend of hormones.

Dr. Howard administers a local anesthetic, usually in the upper buttocks. He then places the pellets under your skin quickly, efficiently, and without pain. 

Pellets dissolve slowly over time, with effects lasting around 3-6 months on average in men and women. You’ll have blood tests again in a few months to check your hormone levels and results. 

To learn more about hormone pellet therapy, call Howard Health and Wellness or click online scheduling now.