Peptide Therapy

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Peptide Therapy

Peptide therapy provides a robust infusion of natural substances that can fine-tune your health and help you reach your goals. At Howard Health and Wellness, renowned peptide therapy specialist Corey Howard, MD, and the knowledgeable team offer peptide therapy that’s customized for you in the Naples, Florida, office. Phone the office or book your peptide therapy consultation online now.

Peptide Therapy Q & A

What is peptide therapy?

Peptides are small proteins that have powerful effects in treating many problems within the body while enhancing general health, performance, and wellness. They send out instructions to your body to stimulate natural repair and other desired effects. 

With peptide therapy, you get oral, injectable, or other forms of peptides suited to your body’s specific needs. You may need a combination of oral and injectable peptides based on your goals.

Because peptides occur naturally in your body, peptide therapy gives you a safe and natural way to optimize your wellness. Howard Health and Wellness only prescribes peptides that come from the foremost compounding pharmacies, including AnazaoHealth and Wells Pharmacy. 

Available peptides include:

  • Semaglutide - Type 2 diabetes management and weight loss
  • Thymosin Beta 4 (TB4) - injury recovery, cardiac function, immunity, and more
  • Thymogen Alpha-1 - immune health, general health, and more
  • BPC 157 - healing, digestive disease, and more
  • MOTs-C - physical performance, metabolism, and more

Peptide products purchased over the internet may not be tested, or they may even lack the active ingredients stated on the label. 

By working with the leading compound pharmacies and designing individualized peptide therapy plans, Howard Health and Wellness gives you safe products that can offer you the desired effects.

What problems can peptide therapy help with?

Peptide therapy offers numerous benefits based on the specific peptide and your needs. They can:

  • Reduce signs of aging
  • Boost physical performance
  • Increase the speed of fat burning and support faster weight loss
  • Ease inflammation (to curb joint and muscle pain)
  • Boost your body’s natural hormone production
  • Increase your neurological function and wellness 

Every peptide has unique effects, and sometimes combining peptides offers even better treatment outcomes. Dr. Howard and the team take all your needs into account when designing your peptide therapy plan. 

How soon can peptide therapy work?

Every person has unique results, but many patients start to enjoy positive changes in as little as a few weeks. By the three-month mark, consistent peptide therapy treatments can offer significant benefits that wouldn’t have been possible with other approaches alone.

Whether you’re looking for anti-aging benefits, help with weight loss, improved athleticism, or other health benefits, most likely specific peptides can help. 

If you’re ready to learn more about the remarkable effects of this natural therapy, reach out to Howard Health and Wellness or click the online appointment scheduler now.